World’s first: My Neighbourhood analyzing tool on

Eindhoven, 2 April 2014

As of  today you can use the analyzing tool My Neighbourhood to search for historical data about  the use of Eindhoven Airport. You can see how often aircrafts have flown over a particular area and  retrieve more detailed information about noise measurements.  Eindhoven Airport is the first airport in the world to use this analyzing  tool.

The website provides online information for people living near the airport, among other things the routes taken  to and from Eindhoven Airport, based on radar tracks, the positions of departing and arriving aircrafts in relation to homes, and the noise measurements.  The system also serves as a customer-friendly way of reporting  complaints.

A handy feature of My Neighbourhood is that you can also see how often aircrafts fly in a particular direction and for each flight path you can zoom in to look at the average number of flights per hour that use that flight path.  It is also possible to zoom in on the detailed noise measurement data of a noise monitoring terminal, including the total number of noise events per hour and the division  by hour and noise level.

 At the ‘Alderstafel’ advisory committee it was agreed that, under the responsibility of the Eindhoven city council, a small working group (consisting   the Ministry of Defence, Eindhoven Airport, BOW, BMF and the Municipalities of Eindhoven and Veldhoven) will facilitate the implementation of