Test of a new Eindhoven Airport departure route starts


Eindhoven, 18 December 2013

Starting in January 2014 and in collaboration with transavia.com, a test using a new route will be started for a new departure route from Eindhoven Airport in a southwestern direction. This new route was developed on the basis of agreements with Eindhoven's "Alders round table". One of those agreements concerned an investigation of the possibilities for making changes to existing routes in such a manner as to reduce noise pollution for local residents. This investigation resulted in a change in the direction of departing civil aircraft to the southwest. Changing routes departing in a northerly direction turned out not to provide any abatement of noise pollution.

According to the newly designed departure route, private planes will turn to the west shortly after take-off and then fly further over thinly populated areas. This avoids primarily Veldhoven and the town centres of Knegsel, Duizel and Hoogeloon. Starting in January, a number of test flights will be conducted by transavia.com for purposes of the formal procedures for changing the route. The new route will go into effect as of 1 May 2014. The route will be flown only by private planes. Military transport and passenger aircraft are not equipped to make the turn quickly after take-off. For these planes, another new route was designed, one deviating slightly from the current route. For this route, the turn to the west was moved 7º from the existing route. This new route for military aircraft also provides noise abatement with respect to the existing departure route to the southwest. Other military aircraft, such as the F-16 and the AWACS, have their own routes. Both new routes were already accounted for in the calculations in the environmental impact statement for the Eindhoven airport draft decree.