Expansion of ISO 14001 certification for Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven, 19 december

Today, Eindhoven Airport N.V. once again received the official ISO 14001 certificate for environmental management, and this time it concerns a more extensive certification.

Eindhoven Airport is strongly committed to a sustainable development of the airport and the increase of the number of flight movements should affect local residents and the environment as little as possible. Eindhoven Airport has chosen for a system that complies with the environmental standard ISO 14001, the internationally accepted standard of requirements that apply to environmental management systems. The environmental management system focuses specifically on the control and improvement of environmental performance, such as the reduction of energy consumption.

In 2003, Eindhoven Airport was the first regional airport to receive the ISO 14001 certification. In 2013 we decided to take the next step with respect to the environmental management system, which has resulted in an expansion of the system and means that a number of partner companies (Viggo handling, Viggo cleaning, restaurant Belvedair, Tulip Inn Eindhoven Airport and Shell) are now  part of the audit. The hard work of people in our organisation and the intensive collaboration with these partner companies have led to the ISO 14001 certification.