From Eindhoven to Agadir


Sun, beach and fish in abundance

Big, bigger, Agadir. This is clearly the number one seaside resort in Morocco. The bay is one of the most beautiful in the world, the beach is no less than 10 kilometres long and you will find countless outdoor cafés, restaurants, pubs and shops here. And, equally as important, the sun shines more than 300 days a year in Agadir.

Dutch influence

The name Agadir refers to the old kasbah, the fortifications built to protect the city from the Portuguese in the 16th century. Dutch merchants played a role in the construction of reinforcements two centuries later. That influence is still visible in an inscription at the entrance to the kasbah that reads ‘Vreest God ende Eert den kooning – 1746’ (Fear God and honour thy king). The city was destroyed by an earthquake in 1960, but the kasbah walls were restored in all their glory a bit further down.


The promenades are wide, long and always busy. There are luxury private resorts here, but the sun shines just as brightly on Sunset Beach and Palm Beach. Unfortunately, the historic city centre no longer exists, having fallen victim to the earthquake, but this led to extensive renovation work. Italian architect Coco Polizzi built a new medina just south of the city centre that is modern, but tradition-inspired. A collection of handicraft workshops have been created, where shoes, statues and clothing are made.

Fresher than fresh

A seaside resort with the allure of Agadir naturally offers a wide range of eating and drinking options. Alcohol is served in numerous clubs and restaurants, unlike in many other Moroccan cities. As far as the food is concerned, be sure to order the fish, which is fresher than fresh here. After your meal, relax with a hookah in one of the numerous shisha bars, enjoying life the Moroccan way….

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