Travel tips

All passengers, including children, are required to carry a valid travel document, i.e. a passport or an identity card. In addition you must be able to present a booking confirmation. You must also be in possession of valid documents that are required to allow entry into your destination country. It is your own responsibility to be able to present these documents during your journey.

Come to the airport prepared

Naturally, you will want to avoid having to open your suitcase at the airport to add your handbag, because you forgot that your handbag also counts as one piece of hand baggage in addition to the hand baggage you already carry. Or even worse: if your handbag does not fit into your suitcase and must be checked in as hold baggage at an extra charge. Prevent baggage stress and come to the airport prepared by following these tips:

  • Measure and weigh your hand baggage at home before going to the airport.
  • Always put valuable items such as passports or medications in your hand baggage.
  • Are you carrying more than one piece of hand baggage, such as a handbag, a backpack or a laptop?
  • Then put the smaller piece(s) into the largest piece, so that you will travel with one piece of hand baggage.
  • Make sure that your hand baggage complies with EU safety regulations.
  • Are you travelling with a baby or a child? Read more about baggage for babies and

Vaccinations / Travel Doctor

Going abroad? Then please inquire about the necessary vaccinations preferably six to eight weeks before your departure date. You can contact the Travel Doctor’s travel advice and vaccinations branch at Eindhoven Airport. Travel Doctor is a national organisation of general practitioners who are specialised and certified in travel advice and vaccinations. For making an appointment or for more information, please go to: or call +31 (0)40 235 0300.